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There are only advantages to renting refrigeration equipment.

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Why rent refrigeration equipment ?

For more than 45 years, we have been renting/repairing refrigeration equipment. Thanks to this experience, we were therefore able to determine the main reasons for renting refrigeration equipment:

* The profitability vis-à-vis a fixed cost on the purchase then on the storage and maintenance of this equipment,
* The logistics of the equipment to be managed if you are exhibitors at shows/fairs,
* Always up-to-date material,
* Very low maintenance cost,
* Finally always an expert advice if you need it.

For what occasion rent refrigeration equipment ?

In the life of your business, you will need to rent refrigeration equipment. Here are some reasons:

* Perhaps from the start, we will not want to spend money on the purchase of this refrigeration equipment because, even if in the long term, the amount of the purchase will be profitable, you will have when even occasional expenses for repairs and maintenance.
* While waiting for a spare part of a refrigeration equipment, you will need to rent refrigeration equipment to continue selling your products.
* During a remodeling or transformation in your business.
* During a fair/exhibition/festival if you are an exhibitor.
* During the end-of-year celebrations when your turnover can only increase since, for a low rental amount, you will increase your sales area for your products.
* When you promote: there may be one or more specific periods when you want to increase your turnover by promoting. For this surplus of products for sale, you can rent refrigeration equipment from Carveen to top up.
* An exceptional occasion: There are circumstances where all of a sudden, you will have a surplus of goods to sell for a few days. Renting refrigeration equipment is the best way to be able to respond quickly and efficiently without fear for your turnover.

Which refrigeration equipment to rent ?

With nearly 45 years of rental/repair experience, we know which refrigeration appliances you need the most.

We have a catalog in which you will find what you will need:

Click on the cover to download the catalog

* horizontal counters,
* wall counters with and without glass,
* self-service counters,
* self-service bath islands,
* ice cream counters,
* ice makers and crushed ice,
* chest freezers,
* vertical windows,
* wine cellars,
* work tables,
* fridge-bars,
* professional dishwashers & glasswashers,
* mobile cold rooms (fridge & freezer of 12m³).

How does renting at Carveen work ?

Whether by phone, email or website, you can tell us which item(s) you want to rent as well as the contact details of your company. Don't forget to let us know the delivery and pick-up dates and, if applicable, the hall/stand number if it is a rental for a trade show/fair/festival.

With this information, we will be able to offer you a price offer for this rental.

From the delivery to the recovery of your rented refrigeration appliances (wall-mounted, counter, bahu, self-service, etc.), Carveen makes every effort during this period to ensure that our appliances operate as they should and you give full satisfaction.

For this, before leaving for the place of delivery (your company/exhibition/fair/festival), our teams test each of the rented devices to ensure that the temperature is maintained correctly,... Each is also carefully labeled according to each customer and, if applicable, with the hall/stand number if the delivery takes place at a trade show/fair/festival.

What if there is a problem during the rental ? Do I have to pay anything ?

A technical problem can always occur on site, no one is infallible. That's why we have solutions for you and you won't have to pay anything, it's included in the rental amount.

Depending on the description of the breakdown that you will give us, we can already start by communicating with a technician by telephone and quickly take advantage of his technical knowledge to locate the problem.

From his reflection, several solutions are available to us to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible during this annoyance which can disrupt your rental.

One of the solutions after the telephone diagnosis is to send you a technician who can, on site, make a much more precise diagnosis of the breakdown. He will obviously have equipment with him to troubleshoot what is feasible on site.

Another solution after telephone diagnosis with one of our technicians is to exchange the refrigeration equipment with an identical article. Depending on the concern, it is sometimes faster for the good performance of your products to quickly make an exchange. If the exchange is necessary, we prepare, as for the original delivery, another refrigeration system identical to that of your rental and we agree together at the time of the exchange.

How is the takeover going ?

Depending on the rental contract, the delivery - recovery dates are known and therefore we will confirm to you, the day before, the recovery of our refrigeration equipment.

You may also wish to rent our refrigeration equipment for an additional period. It will suffice, during the telephone call concerning the confirmation, to indicate this extension to us. We will then contact you again at the end of the additional period. You can also rent for a long period (minimum 6 months), so you can get a discount on the rental.

I want to rent, how should I do ?

Are you convinced by the rental of refrigeration equipment ? Contact us!

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