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  • Liebherr built-in wine...
    • -50.00€

    Liebherr built-in wine cabinet (18x75cl)

    1,549.00€ -50.00€ 1,499.00€

    Liebherr offers an exclusive range of wine temperature control cabinets and aging cellars to be built into kitchen furniture.

  • Display case without cover...
    • -262.50€

    Display case without cover - Kabaw - 0m76

    1,706.25€ -262.50€ 1,443.75€

    Refrigerated display case for topping ingredients for pizza, ice cream, yogurt... Ideal for ice cream parlors, yogurt stores or breakfast buffets, very small size to fit in any place. Full of colors, showcase a variety of fruits, chocolates, sauces, syrups and cereals to surprise even the greediest.

  • Freezer with glass lid -...

    • -240.00€

    Freezer with glass lid - Rotterdam - 1m50

    1,239.00€ -240.00€ 999.00€

    Freezer cabinet with curved sliding windows. Suitable for frozen products. Baskets. With lock. With wheels. Negative temperatures: -12/-24°C Eco Program.

  • Standard wall-mounted...
    • -2,604.00€

    Standard wall-mounted refrigerator - York - 1m50

    6,541.50€ -2,604.00€ 3,937.50€

    This professional refrigeration unit is both efficient and economical. It is intended for supermarkets, restaurants, self-service or any take-away catering. It respects all the standards of thermal conservation of fresh products such as dairy products, packaged cheeses, fresh fruit juices etc., thanks to its night curtain. This refrigerated cabinet, with a ventilated cooling unit, has a manual night curtain that rolls up slowly to preserve freshness throughout the night and hide the food. If you decide to place this cabinet in a small space, remember to leave enough room to ventilate the unit and exhaust the hot air. This professional cabinet for fast food restaurants has 80 mm wide sides (40 mm on each side).

  • 2 door work table - Genova...
    • -1,299.38€

    2 door work table - Genova - 1m61

    3,364.73€ -1,299.38€ 2,065.35€

    Interior and exterior in stainless steel, except for the exterior bottom in galvanized steel. Rounded corners on the inside. Insulation in CFC-free polyurethane injected under high pressure. Insulation thickness: 40 mm. Self-closing doors with magnetic seals. Electronic front panel with NTC probe. Ventilated refrigeration. Monobloc condensing unit with R404A/R507 gas. Fully automatic defrosting and evaporation of condensation water. Adjustable stainless steel feet. Granite worktop with insulation under the worktop.

  • Double Door Refrigerator -...
    • -641.55€

    Double Door Refrigerator - Lyon II - 1m42

    2,740.50€ -641.55€ 2,098.95€

    If you need a lot of cooling space and are looking for a reliable appliance, then this 1400 liter refrigerator is the one you should consider. It has a nice hygienic stainless steel cabinet, two self-closing doors, two handles that run the length of the door, and the defrost is automatic. For a kitchen where everyone has their hands full and always busy, this is an ideal appliance with great ease of use. This large catering refrigerator has dynamic cooling from 0 to 10C and uses only between 570 and 700 watts. Great ease of use, all the features and more economical?

  • Refrigerated wall display...
    • -1,510.95€

    Refrigerated wall display without door - Derby - 2m00

    5,562.90€ -1,510.95€ 4,051.95€

    The Derby is an ideal wall-mounted refrigerated display for takeaways, bakeries, coffee shops and more. The wall chiller features internal lighting in the top cover to make your products stand out. Thanks to its temperature range of +1 to +4°C, this wall refrigerator is ideal for fruits and vegetables.

  • Saladette 2 doors curb -...
    • -257.25€

    Saladette 2 doors curb - Antibe - 0m90

    1,407.00€ -257.25€ 1,149.75€

    The great thing about this refrigerated workbench is that you create extra workspace for preparing your dishes and also have room to cool your products. This refrigerated workbench has 2 doors and with 220 liters capacity, it offers quite a lot of space to work and cool. It has an automatic defrost and adjustable legs. The motor is under the cooling system and you can hardly hear it. You can easily keep your workbench clean and also the cabinets underneath are hygienically clean in no time.

  • Vertical fridge cabinet...

    Vertical fridge cabinet Liebherr for bakery 856L


    With its various refrigeration appliances complying with the bakery standard, Liebherr has designed appliances especially for the bakery sector.

  • 2-Door Freezer with Glass...
    • -719.25€

    2-Door Freezer with Glass Doors - Biarritz - 1m40

    3,593.10€ -719.25€ 2,873.85€

    This commercial upright freezer with double glass door is a great choice for any restaurant, cafe and commercial kitchen. 5 adjustable shelves per door, has a capacity of 1400 liters and is made of stainless steel. Is of superior quality and technology.

  • Refrigerated counter- Nice...
    • -908.25€

    Refrigerated counter- Nice Wood Right - 2m50

    3,669.75€ -908.25€ 2,761.50€

    Incredibly compact! With a depth of only 90 cm, it is ideal for rooms where space is limited. Maximum respect for the environment! The production materials are non-toxic and CFC-free. Hygiene and durability are guaranteed! The screen and the worktop are made of stainless steel! You can easily defrost the refrigerated counter. More space to store your food: use the refrigerated area accessible through the doors to store food that has not yet been exposed!

  • Refrigerated counter -...
    • -2,077.95€

    Refrigerated counter - St-tropez - 1m00

    5,422.20€ -2,077.95€ 3,344.25€

    This refrigerated display case is designed to provide a horizontal display solution for fresh products (delicatessen, cheeses, dairy products, cooked meats, ready meals...)