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  • Display cabinet with shelf...
    • -243.60€

    Display cabinet with shelf - Jadu - 1m79

    1,583.40€ -243.60€ 1,339.80€

    Free standing display case ideal for product presentation (2° to 5°C). It is designed to prevent the expulsion of hot air and water on the food, allowing you to present your products in an optimal way. Thanks to its LED lights, this display case will enhance your display very well.

  • Refrigerated counter - Nice...
    • -1,667.40€

    Refrigerated counter - Nice - 2m50

    3,745.35€ -1,667.40€ 2,077.95€

    This refrigerated display case is designed to provide a horizontal display solution for fresh products (delicatessen, cheeses, dairy products, cooked meats, ready meals...). With its modern and contemporary design, this compact model provides a solution for a room where space is limited or already crowded.

  • Ice cream counters - Ulm -...
    • -943.95€

    Ice cream counters - Ulm - 456l

    2,572.50€ -943.95€ 1,628.55€

    Energy efficient freezer for ice cream display and sales.

  • Freezer with sliding door -...

    • -535.84€

    Freezer with sliding door - Amsterdam -1m70

    3,088.39€ -535.84€ 2,552.55€

    The AMSTERDAM is a large freezer with plug-in technology that allows for quick and easy installation with low maintenance costs. The cooling technology is environmentally friendly yet highly efficient. It serves as a freezer preserver for frozen/chilled products. Retro design with great product visibility, the galvanized steel structure makes it sturdy and corrosion resistant. It has a tempered glass with low emissivity and anti-condensation, which allows energy savings. The structure is very resistant, with high quality finishes, and the thermostat is adjustable. LED lighting, 70 mm wall thickness and great adaptability of the point of sale layout.

  • Refrigerated counter for...
    • -818.80€

    Refrigerated counter for pastry - Venice - 2m00

    4,590.60€ -818.80€ 3,771.80€

    A refrigerated counter is necessary to keep your products cool and at the right temperature. Moreover, the products are presented in an attractive way in a refrigerated counter.

  • Refrigerated wall display...
    • -1,336.65€

    Refrigerated wall display without door - Derby - 1m35

    4,932.90€ -1,336.65€ 3,596.25€

    The Derby is an ideal wall-mounted refrigerated display for takeaways, bakeries, coffee shops and more. The wall chiller features internal lighting in the top cover to make your products stand out. Thanks to its temperature range of +1 to +4°C, this wall-mounted refrigerator is ideal for fruits and vegetables.

  • Rapid cooler - Aarhus - 0m75
    • -1,597.58€

    Rapid cooler - Aarhus - 0m75

    5,435.33€ -1,597.58€ 3,837.75€

    Time optimization in the kitchen; Rationalises working time; Reduces weight loss per portion; Expands menu possibilities; Reduces cost of supplies and raw materials; Reduces scraps; Preserves food organoleptic properties; Improves food protection.

  • Display case 4 sides - Douz...
    • -340.72€

    Display case 4 sides - Douz - 290l

    2,218.12€ -340.72€ 1,877.40€

    This Display case perfectly combines an elegant design with that enhancement of the display from all angles of your products and its sturdy tempered glass construction. It will fit perfectly into bars, restaurants, etc.

  • Positive refrigerated...
    • -1,240.05€

    Positive refrigerated cabinet - Belfast - 1m30

    4,279.80€ -1,240.05€ 3,039.75€

    Discover our positive refrigerated cabinet. It has a temperature between 0°C and 6°C which will allow you to keep your products cool in an efficient and optimal way. Its demonstration area measures 2,08 m² which allows you to have a large space to display your products.

  • Wine cellar - Bordeaux - 404L

    Wine cellar - Bordeaux - 404L


    Your wine deserves to be stored, protected, presented and prepared for tasting. All these different functions are performed by your air-conditioned wine cellar over the years, just as a traditional wine cellar would. For wine lovers, wine is almost an obsession. They have a deep desire to find the best solution to preserve their precious vintages.

  • Display cabinet - kikla - 1m08
    • -302.93€

    Display cabinet - kikla - 1m08

    1,972.43€ -302.93€ 1,669.50€

    This cold tapas display case with 2 levels of exposure is the only one on the market with a refrigerated shelf. In the same space where a conventional display case would house 4 trays, this solution offers the capacity for 10 trays (4 in the lower part and 6 in the upper part). The design is proportional to the high visibility of the product.

  • Display case for tapas -...
    • -292.43€

    Display case for tapas - Tiji - 1m35

    1,904.18€ -292.43€ 1,611.75€

    The standard refrigerated display case guarantees the most demanding conditions for the preservation of products. It is equipped with a high efficiency double evaporator and an exclusive Sayl stainless steel protection dome and offers unique features on the market.  Trays included 6x GN 1/6