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  • Freezer cabinet with double...
    • -727.32€

    Freezer cabinet with double door - Oslo II - 1m42

    3,480.00€ -727.32€ 2,752.68€

    Do you want to have a large storage space? We offer you this large freezer that can reach a temperature range of -22 to -10°c. Moreover, this freezer is made of stainless steel, which will make it very robust and resistant. It will also allow you to perfectly comply with the hygiene standards in force in the catering industry.

  • Display case without cover...
    • -262.50€

    Display case without cover - Kabaw - 0m76

    1,706.25€ -262.50€ 1,443.75€

    Refrigerated display case for topping ingredients for pizza, ice cream, yogurt... Ideal for ice cream parlors, yogurt stores or breakfast buffets, very small size to fit in any place. Full of colors, showcase a variety of fruits, chocolates, sauces, syrups and cereals to surprise even the greediest.

  • Refrigerated bar 3 doors -...
    • -1,502.11€

    Refrigerated bar 3 doors - Toulouse - 1m96

    4,045.97€ -1,502.11€ 2,543.86€

    Inside and outside of stainless steel, except the bottom of galvanized steel on the outside. Rounded internal corners. High pressure injected cfc-free polyurethane insulation. Insulation thickness 40 mm. Doors with automatic closing and magnetic seals. Electronic control panel on the front and NTC probe.

  • Freezer Liebherr for bakery...
    • -50.00€

    Freezer Liebherr for bakery 491L

    1,650.00€ -50.00€ 1,600.00€

    The heavy-duty freezers offer exceptional cooling capacity thanks to optimized insulation and a dynamic cooling system.

  • 361l fridge & freezer Liebherr
    • Online only

    361l fridge & freezer Liebherr


    In the professional sector, refrigerators and freezers must be particularly resistant, practical and efficient.

  • Freezer with sliding door -...

    • -535.84€

    Freezer with sliding door - Amsterdam -1m70

    3,088.39€ -535.84€ 2,552.55€

    The AMSTERDAM is a large freezer with plug-in technology that allows for quick and easy installation with low maintenance costs. The cooling technology is environmentally friendly yet highly efficient. It serves as a freezer preserver for frozen/chilled products. Retro design with great product visibility, the galvanized steel structure makes it sturdy and corrosion resistant. It has a tempered glass with low emissivity and anti-condensation, which allows energy savings. The structure is very resistant, with high quality finishes, and the thermostat is adjustable. LED lighting, 70 mm wall thickness and great adaptability of the point of sale layout.

  • Semi-Mural Refrigerated  -...
    • -937.33€

    Semi-Mural Refrigerated - Frejus Right - 1m20

    3,784.93€ -937.33€ 2,847.60€

    The wall display case is made of stainless steel, which guarantees a complete hygiene and resistance of the product in the time. The large curved windows offer an ideal display of the food products. The showcase allows for optimal refrigeration and storage at a temperature of +2°C/+5°C; the optimal ventilation for packaged drinks and snacks is further helped by internal holes on the back and ceiling. The showcase, with its modern style, can be easily adapted to all the places of the small, medium and large food distribution. A great practicality of use is offered by the lower shelf that can be opened in order to access more easily to the motor and to the compressor, both placed in the lower part, facilitating the maintenance.

  • Display cabinet - kikla - 1m08
    • -302.93€

    Display cabinet - kikla - 1m08

    1,972.43€ -302.93€ 1,669.50€

    This cold tapas display case with 2 levels of exposure is the only one on the market with a refrigerated shelf. In the same space where a conventional display case would house 4 trays, this solution offers the capacity for 10 trays (4 in the lower part and 6 in the upper part). The design is proportional to the high visibility of the product.

  • Refrigerated fish counter -...
    • -600.37€

    Refrigerated fish counter - Bologna - 2m00

    3,328.13€ -600.37€ 2,727.76€

    Refrigerated display case, made of curved glass, suitable for small and medium-sized sales areas. It differs from the others by its curved glass that can be folded in front and its anodized aluminum cap. It is the ideal refrigeration system for cold cuts, dairy products and delicatessen products. The temperature is regulated by an electronic thermostat. Stop defrosting. Equipped with a condensate recovery system with a removable tray or a remote compressor.

  • Wall-mounted fridge for...
    • -3,222.53€

    Wall-mounted fridge for fruits & vegetable - york - 2m50

    8,097.86€ -3,222.53€ 4,875.33€

    This professional refrigeration unit is both efficient and economical. It is intended for supermarkets, restaurants, self-service or any take-away catering. It respects all the standards of thermal conservation of fresh products such as dairy products, packaged cheeses, fresh fruit juices etc., thanks to its night curtain. This refrigerated cabinet, with a ventilated cooling unit, has a manual night curtain that rolls up slowly to preserve freshness throughout the night and hide the food. If you decide to place this cabinet in a small space, remember to leave enough room to ventilate the unit and exhaust the hot air. This professional cabinet for fast food restaurants has 80 mm wide sides (40 mm on each side).

  • Ice cream counters - Ulm -...
    • -741.93€

    Ice cream counters - Ulm - 358l

    2,236.50€ -741.93€ 1,494.57€

    Energy efficient freezer for ice cream display and sales.

  • Rapid cooler - Aarhus - 0m75
    • -979.46€

    Rapid cooler - Aarhus - 0m75

    3,785.53€ -979.46€ 2,806.07€

    Time optimization in the kitchen; Rationalizes work time; Reduces weight loss per serving; Expands menu options; Reduces the cost of supplies and raw materials; Reduces leftovers; Preserves the organoleptic properties of food; Improves food protection. Can freeze with an 11kilo to a temperature of -18°C and reheat 14kilo to a temperature of +3°c