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Data storage

We take care of the storage of your mandatory data in a computer system for you. Belgian law obliges you to fill out numerous documents each time a refrigeration unit is handled.

Here are some examples of data to provide:
- During maintenance, a maintenance log must be completed with the verification of the magnetic valves, compressor intensity, condenser fan control, evaporator fan control, high pressure switch, low pressure switch, pressure switch. safety, engine oil level (compressor), compressor high pressure, compressor low pressure, visible tightness of the installation (freon) and many more.

- When there is a lack of gas, we make the leak test certificate, the pressure test certificate, the freon charge certificate, the vacuum certificate, the documents for the environment for you.

- When we need to remove your refrigeration system, we do it for you and we store the freon recovery certificate and the documents for the environment.

- During the installation, we have to charge and handle refrigerants, we carry out a leak test certificate, a pressure test certificate, a freon charge certificate, a vacuum certificate and the papers for the environment.

When you own a professional refrigeration plant, you can have control at all times. You must provide all of its documents. Don't panic, Carveen will provide you with all of the documents necessary for the inspection to run smoothly. The only thing you need to worry about is your professional activity.