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  • Refrigerated counter - Nice...
    • -941.53€

    Refrigerated counter - Nice right - 1m50

    2,675.40€ -941.53€ 1,733.87€

    This refrigerated display case is designed to provide a horizontal display solution for fresh products (delicatessen, cheeses, dairy products, cooked meats, ready meals...). With its modern and contemporary design, this compact model is the ideal solution for premises where space is limited or already overcrowded.

  • LG - outdoor unit -...
    Last items in stock

    LG - outdoor unit - Multi-F(dx) Vrv 13,5 kW


    Next Generation LG Multi System

    • Wide range of Unit combinations 12 different types of indoor unit 15 different capacity of outdoor unit
    • High diversity of indoor unit combination ArtCool, Wall Mounted, Ceiling & Floor, Ceiling Cassette, Ceiling Concealed Duct, Console types.
  • Refrigerated counter 1m13...
    2nd hand
    Last items in stock

    Refrigerated counter 1m13 second hand - N° 36


    Refrigerated counter for the presentation of cold meats, dairy products, pastries, fruits

  • Semi-Mural Refrigerated -...
    In stock
    • -935.00€

    Semi-Mural Refrigerated - Norwich 2 - 1m30

    4,675.00€ -935.00€ 3,740.00€

    The semi-mural refrigerated cabinet is made of stainless steel, which guarantees complete hygienic and resistance of the cabinet. LED lighting on each shelf. Electric defrost element. The large curved windows offer an ideal display of food products. The display case allows optimal cooling and storage at a temperature of +0/+8°c. The display case has a modern design that looks good in the store. The lower shelf can be opened to allow easier access to the motor and compressor, both of which are located in the lower section, facilitating maintenance.

  • Bain-marie - with tap and...

    Bain-marie - with tap and without buffalo tubs


    The Buffalo bain-marie is ideal for keeping all kinds of foods hot, from vegetables to meat to casseroles. By using a double boiler heating mechanism, food stays hot without burning.

  • Oven - Gaza - 0m59
    • -143.32€

    Oven - Gaza - 0m59

    716.63€ -143.32€ 573.31€

    The GN 2/3 standard makes it an essential machine, perfect for small businesses that want to offer snacks, pizzas, croissants and hot plates. It is equipped with a reliable and precise mechanical control panel. It can hold 3 standard GN 2/3 grills or pans.

  • Freezer island with sliding...
    2nd hand
    Last items in stock

    Freezer island with sliding windows 1.50m second hand - N° 196


    Closed island with sliding windows. Intended for various frozen products. Anti-caddy protection profiles

    No warranty

    No guarantee below €500 excl. VAT

  • Panoramic dome second hand...
    2nd hand
    Last items in stock
    • -3,465.00€

    Panoramic dome second hand - N° 812-32400

    6,615.00€ -3,465.00€ 3,150.00€

    Presentation and self-service buffet with electric plexiglass dome. Suitable for the preservation and presentation of salads, fish and dairy products, etc. . Ventilated refrigeration.

  • Heated display cabinet -...

    Heated display cabinet - Buffalo 80 cm


    For your buffets or snacking, the Buffalo heated display cabinet is the ideal solution for attractively presenting hot food. Able to accept up to four GN 1/3 containers, this display case offers plenty of space for your preparations, hygienically maintained behind the glass walls.

  • Standard wall-mounted...
    • -2,604.00€

    Standard wall-mounted refrigerator - York - 1m50

    6,541.50€ -2,604.00€ 3,937.50€

    This professional refrigeration unit is both efficient and economical. It is intended for supermarkets, restaurants, self-service or any take-away catering. It respects all the standards of thermal conservation of fresh products such as dairy products, packaged cheeses, fresh fruit juices etc., thanks to its night curtain. This refrigerated cabinet, with a ventilated cooling unit, has a manual night curtain that rolls up slowly to preserve freshness throughout the night and hide the food. If you decide to place this cabinet in a small space, remember to leave enough room to ventilate the unit and exhaust the hot air. This professional cabinet for fast food restaurants has 80 mm wide sides (40 mm on each side).

  • DAIKIN - Perfera 7,10kW  -...

    DAIKIN - Perfera 7,10kW - Reversible wall unit air conditioning


    Attractive wall unit that offers optimal indoor air quality.

    Mono-Split 7,10kW with:

    • Indoor unit: 1x DAIKIN Perfera 7,10kW 
    • 1x infrared remote control
    • Type: Reversible Split Wall - Inverter
  • Trunking - External brown...

    Trunking - External brown corner 70mm


    External brown corner 70mm