Want to buy new refrigeration equipment such as fridge-freezers (counters, wall, glass, self-service bins, cold rooms), dishwashers or ice makers to increase your productivity, which will work for years and with professional warranty? This section is for you.

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  • Wine rack - Yvrac - 0m85

    Wine rack - Yvrac - 0m85


    The gastronomy frame is a vertical display rack that takes up little space but has a large capacity. The sophisticated design and ease of use make it an ideal product for the presentation of hors d'oeuvres, desserts, vegetables and ready meals.

  • Display cabinet - Tiji - 1m71
    • -271.43€

    Display cabinet - Tiji - 1m71

    1,767.68€ -271.43€ 1,496.25€

    This refrigerated display case with 2 lighting levels is the only one on the market with a refrigerated shelf. In the same space as a classic showcase. The design is proportional with a great visibility of the product. With under 8x GN 1/6 Gastronomic tray

  • Glass rack extensions -...

    Glass rack extensions - Vogue 36 compartments


    Glass rack risers are designed to snap onto glass racks to accommodate taller cups or glasses.

  • Cutlery wash rack - Vogue

    Cutlery wash rack - Vogue


    Open dish rack designed to wash and rinse dishes efficiently and allow them to dry quickly.

  • Refrigerated fish counter -...
    • -531.30€

    Refrigerated fish counter - Bologna - 2m00

    2,945.25€ -531.30€ 2,413.95€

    Refrigerated display case, made of curved glass, suitable for small and medium-sized sales areas. It differs from the others by its curved glass that can be folded in front and its anodized aluminum cap. It is the ideal refrigeration system for cold cuts, dairy products and delicatessen products. The temperature is regulated by an electronic thermostat. Stop defrosting. Equipped with a condensate recovery system with a removable tray or a remote compressor.

  • Freezer with door -...
    • -370.70€

    Freezer with door - Helsinki - 1m80

    1,202.30€ -370.70€ 831.60€

    A good freezer is a must in any hospitality business and with this compact freezer, you are always on the right track. In the freezer, you can store up to 560 liters of food so that it is always well chilled. In addition, this freezer has a convenient defrost water outlet, a built-in thermometer

  • Display case without cover...
    • -183.23€

    Display case without cover - Kabaw - 0m76

    1,194.38€ -183.23€ 1,011.15€

    Refrigerated display case for topping ingredients for pizza, ice cream, yogurt... Ideal for ice cream parlors, yogurt stores or breakfast buffets, very small size to fit in any place. Full of colors, showcase a variety of fruits, chocolates, sauces, syrups and cereals to surprise even the greediest.

  • Vacuum bag dispenser roll -...

    Vacuum bag dispenser roll - Vogue 200mm x15m


    Embossed vacuum packaging bags that can be cut to size as needed. Suitable for freezing, refrigeration, microwave and boiling. Compatible with all our vacuum packaging machines.

  • Hand blender -Big Stix...

    Hand blender -Big Stix Waring WSB50CK and J772 FREE


    Combines power and versatility for worry-free everyday use. Order the blender complete with the diving tube, and order any other tube of different length you may need separately.

  • Ice Maker BREMA - CB 246 -...

    In stock
    • -296.00€

    Ice Maker BREMA - CB 246 - 24kg/24h

    1,480.00€ -296.00€ 1,184.00€

    The ice cube produced by the BREMA CB 246 ice cube maker has a particularly pleasant and practical shape, the sides of the flattened cone being slightly flat. Thanks to its special design, the ice cube can be used in any type of glass. The nozzles used in ice machines have a special shape that ensures that no electrostatic charge is created during machine operation. The pump used to spray water into the evaporator is also very powerful. For this reason, ice machines have fewer limescale problems than comparable machines.

  • Buffalo Vacuum Sealer -...

    Buffalo Vacuum Sealer - Automatic


    The Buffalo Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine is easy to use, extremely reliable and offers very high efficiency. Instantly sealing foods or liquids in easy-to-store packages, the Buffalo Vacuum Sealer prepares foods to chill, freeze, or cook in precise portions.

  • 2L Ice Cream Maker

    2L Ice Cream Maker


    Quickly make high quality ice cream and frozen yogurt with the 2L Buffalo Ice Cream Maker. Equipped with a built-in freezer, there's no need to pre-freeze the bowl, saving you time and valuable freezer space. Once you've added the mix, the machine can produce up to two liters of deliciously tasty ice cream every 30 minutes to keep up with your customers' demands. It's also incredibly simple to operate and maintain, thanks to its digital controls and easy-to-clean stainless steel design. A superb choice for the professional caterer.