Want to buy new refrigeration equipment such as fridge-freezers (counters, wall, glass, self-service bins, cold rooms), dishwashers or ice makers to increase your productivity, which will work for years and with professional warranty? This section is for you.

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  • Freezer cabinet with door -...
    • -163.90€

    Freezer cabinet with door - Asker - 540l

    1,596.10€ -163.90€ 1,432.20€

    Version GN 2/1 equipped with adjustable digital thermostat. Door equipped with lock, self-closing door.

  • Negative cold room - Palma...
    • -1,709.93€

    Negative cold room - Palma N1 - 4.200l

    6,655.43€ -1,709.93€ 4,945.50€

    Our negative cold room will be your storage space for the storage of your perishable goods in order to preserve them at low temperature.

  • Panoramic display case -...
    • -1,439.15€

    Panoramic display case - Tangier - 450l

    7,140.00€ -1,439.15€ 5,700.85€

    The Tangier perfectly combines an elegant design with updated technological features, such as the soft-touch digital thermostat integrated in the surface of the glass door. The absence of profiles and protrusions, the incredible rationalization and visibility of the interior space, the lighting with two rows of LEDs make the Tangier a unique glass product for visibility and display from all angles. Designed and built to guarantee high standards of product storage, Tangier represents the best of design and technology applied to refrigeration.

    Standard Color: Silver quartz

  • Cutlery basket - Kristallon

    Cutlery basket - Kristallon


    Ideal for drying cutlery. Can be used in the dishwasher.

  • Wine Cooler - Bordeaux - 146L
    • -63.14€

    Wine Cooler - Bordeaux - 146L

    783.86€ -63.14€ 720.72€

    A high quality, large capacity horizontal Polar wine cooler with double glazed sliding doors for excellent insulation and accessibility in small spaces. With lockable door, 6 adjustable grids, interior lighting and automatic defrosting for easy maintenance. Ideal for storing red, white and sparkling wines.

  • Microwave - semi...

    Microwave - semi professional Caterlite 900W


    This 900W Caterlite oven is practical and compact with grill and microwave functions. Manual controls on the side panel and door opening to the side. Supplied with a grill grid and a glass turntable. The sturdy stainless steel exterior is both stylish and easy to clean, making the microwave perfect for small establishments or the home. For less intensive use.

  • Ice Maker - CB246 - 0m39
    • -296.00€

    Ice Maker - CB246 - 0m39

    1,480.00€ -296.00€ 1,184.00€

    The ice cube produced by the ice cube machine has a particularly pleasant and practical shape, with the sides of the flattened cone being slightly flat. Thanks to its special design, the ice cube can be used in any type of glass. The nozzles used in the ice machines have a special shape that ensures that no electrostatic charge is created during the operation of the machine. The pump used to spray the water into the evaporator is also very powerful. Therefore, the ice machines have fewer problems with scale than comparable machines.

  • Pizza oven - Milan 1 Gastro...

    Pizza oven - Milan 1 Gastro M with 1 chamber


    Pizza oven with stainless steel exterior and refractory brick interior for efficient cooking. Each room can contain three pizzas (Ø 35cm max) and has an independent thermostat for the bottom and the top. With on-off switch, safety thermostat and indicator light. Temperature range 45 to 455 ° C. Warning: oven delivered without cable, must be installed by a professional and can be operated at 230V or 400V.

  • Smoothie maker - Waring...

    Smoothie maker - Waring Xtreme Hi-Power MX1000XTXEK


    Extremely powerful, the Xtreme High power is suitable for professional kitchens or bars. Able to crush ice in seconds, its 3.5HP motor and powerful blades guarantee smooth blends and perfect results, even when blending frozen fruit, products of different consistencies and similar foods that are difficult to mix. The large 2 liter pitcher is BPA free, shatterproof and dishwasher safe.

  • Freezer Liebherr 143L

    Freezer Liebherr 143L


    Reliability, efficiency and economical operation: Liebherr freezers fulfill the highest requirements for professional use.

  • Refrigerated wall display...
    • -1,510.95€

    Refrigerated wall display without door - Derby - 2m00

    5,562.90€ -1,510.95€ 4,051.95€

    The Derby is an ideal wall-mounted refrigerated display for takeaways, bakeries, coffee shops and more. The wall chiller features internal lighting in the top cover to make your products stand out. Thanks to its temperature range of +1 to +4°C, this wall refrigerator is ideal for fruits and vegetables.

  • Dishwasher - Maestro Gastro...

    Dishwasher - Maestro Gastro M 50x50 400V with detergent dosing drain pump and break tank


    Entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel with double-walled door, electronic control panel, safety switch on the door, deep-drawn tank and thermostatic probe, stainless steel washing arm removable for cleaning, drain pump, detergent dispenser and break tank. 60/120/180 second wash cycles. Supplied with supply and evacuation hoses, two 50 x 50 baskets and a cutlery basket.