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v.pngInstallation of all refrigeration equipment, air conditioning, and professional kitchens.

v.pngWe are able to create tailor-made laboratories or cold rooms in isothermal panels for all the professions of mouths or other requests and to carry out the refrigeration equipment necessary for each product.

v.pngRealization of custom-made refrigeration equipment for refrigerated displays in markets, shops etc ...

v.pngRealization of refrigeration equipment for deep freezing (caterers, bakery ...)

v.pngRealization of refrigeration equipment and supply of refrigerated display cases for supermarkets.

v.pngRealization of air conditioning units for the tertiary sector, hotels or restaurants.

v.pngThe installation of heat pumps for individuals and industries, as a backup to the boiler or as a total replacement.

v.pngSale and installation of all refrigerated equipment such as cupboards, base units, ice maker, display cases, etc. (all finished products).

v.pngSupply and installation of kitchen equipment (piano, fryer, sauté pan, ovens, dishwashers etc ...), laundry and laundry for catering and the community.

v.pngFor any request that is not in the list, do not hesitate to contact us.