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Our advice

In the many years that we have been supplying you with ice cream, we have compiled a small list of frequently encountered problems for you. It will allow you to use the ice smoothly and that you do not have to worry about it.

Due to their low temperature, ice cubes and crushed ice can stick together. To solve this problem, drop the bag on a flat, hard surface (the floor) horizontally and from a height of about 50 cm. If the problem persists, feel free to turn the bag over and repeat the operation.

If you are planning bins to put in your car, avoid metal bins which conduct heat and will melt ice faster. Note that a blanket or cardboard box is perfect for transporting your ice cream. they will absorb the potential humidity of our products.

Put your bottles to cool a good hour before the start of your reception so that they are at the right temperature from the start.

If the weather is against you, put your bottles, ice and water (a little) in a basin. Then add salt (50g / L). Your bottles will cool much faster.

Once there, it is best to snuggle the bags together as the cold lasts longer in this manner.