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New products

New products


Monitoring is a solution designed to save energy and optimize the operation of the installation by improving the settings of the products installed. It ensures food quality by monitoring the installation 24/24 (for example: module for sending alarm messages by SMS) to reduce the cost of loss of goods and loss of productivity through information and interventions. faster. There is also a possibility to put a gateway allowing communication between the summary center and a maximum of 25 devices. You can have multiple gateways, for example on multiple buildings on a single account at the summary center.

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AKO Edge compatible
  • Temperature, humidity and...

    Temperature, humidity and event recorder (camregis)

    Temperature, humidity and event logger and data recovery stored on an SD card.

  • GSM module for managing and...
  • AKO Edge

    AKO Edge

    AKOnet.Edge device is a gateway allowing communication between AKOnet and a maximum of 25 AKO devices.

  • AKO Edge TCP/IP

    AKO Edge TCP/IP

    Used to connect MODBUS devices to Ako Edge through a TCP / IP data network.

  • Antenna extension for the...

    Antenna extension for the GSM module.

    Antenna extension for the GSM module from a distance of 2m.