There are only advantages to renting refrigeration equipment from us: the variety of our products (counters, wall, glass, self-service bins, ice makers, dishwashers, ...), profitability vis-à-vis -visit a fixed cost on the purchase, equipment always up to date, very low maintenance costs and ultimately always expert advice if you need it.

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  • Horizontal glazed frozen...
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    Horizontal glazed frozen display - Amsterdam 653 L - for rent

    With our Amsterdam panoramic freezer with a transparent lid, you will have 653 L of space to showcase your frozen products.

  • Refrigerated islands - Fyn...
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    Refrigerated islands - Fyn 1m - for rent

    Furniture intended for the presentation of packaged products and the interior shelving system which allows you to present your products either flat or in stairs.

  • Multidecks - Glasgow 1M30 -...
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    Multidecks - Glasgow 1M30 - for rent

    Our Glasgow fridge is a self-service fridge in which you can place your fresh products on 4 adjustable shelves.

  • Display Cabinets - Sigtuna...
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    Display Cabinets - Sigtuna 488 l - for rent

    The Sigtuna freezer offers you up to 6 adjustable shelves, interior LED lighting and a bright exterior panel.

  • Display Cabinets -...
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    Display Cabinets - Casablanca 400 l - for rent

    Your products which will be highlighted thanks to our Casablanca showcase with a capacity of 400 liters, its 4 rotating trays and wood finish.

  • Refrigerated islands -...
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  • Horizontal glazed frozen...
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    Horizontal glazed frozen display - Rotterdam 1m50 - for rent

    The bi-temperature (positive or negative temperature) Rotterdam has a curved glass slide that can contain 5 baskets for the presentation of your products.

  • Display Cabinets - Mascara...
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    Display Cabinets - Mascara 235 l - for rent

    With our Mascara fridge, you can display your products on 5 adjustable shelves, illuminated by LED lights and cooled by a ventilated system.

  • Multidecks - Newcastel I 2m...
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    Multidecks - Newcastel I 2m - for rent

    Your products will be highlighted with its large display area and top LED lighting and is suitable for small, medium and large outlets.

  • Refrigerated counters -...
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    Refrigerated counters - Monaco self 1m50 - for rent

    Refrigerated counter for the presentation of cold meats, dairy products, pastries, fruits, etc.

  • Multidecks - Derby 1m50 -...
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    Multidecks - Derby 1m50 - for rent

    The Derby wall-mounted multideck intended for the presentation and preservation of fresh products such as dairy products, delicatessen, fruits and vegetables and prepackaged meals, etc ...

  • Ice maker 60-95kg/24 hours...
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    Ice maker 60-95kg/24 hours + reserve of 40-55kg - for rent

    With our ice cube maker, you will get superior quality ice cubes with a production of 20-30kg per 24h and a reserve of 4kg to 6kg.