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New products

New products

Daikin Ururu Sarara is excellent for air handling

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1. Ururu: humidification without water supply

A unique humidification element in the outdoor unit absorbs moisture from the outdoor air and delivers it to the indoor unit. As the humidity is not absorbed in the room air, fast and efficient humidification is possible, even in the drier winter air.

The system integrates an air-conditioning unit and a humidifier to achieve ideal heating. The Ururu humidification sub-system provides the necessary water flow (i.e. 450 ml/h) to fully humidify a large living room. Unlike an ordinary humidifier, this indoor unit has no built-in water tank, but uses the moisture in the outside air. This means that there is no need to refill the water tank and no time-consuming cleaning. The absence of a water tank also eliminates the worrying growth of bacteria and other micro-organisms.

Dry air makes you feel colder. Ururu humidification has a greater impact on the feeling of warmth than an increase in the heating set point. In addition, not only are dry skin and sore throats avoided, but the humidity is kept at a level where viruses cannot survive. In addition, optimum comfort with a lower indoor temperature means energy savings.

1) Humidifier unit
2) Humidity absorption
3) Humidifying rotor
4) Humidification heater

5) Humidity emission
6) To humidification hose
7) Humidifier hose

2. Sarara: dehumidification without cooling

Dehumidification has a beneficial influence on comfort levels during the summer months, just as humidification does in winter. A lower humidity level creates a pleasantly dry atmosphere, even at a constant temperature. In summer, the air in a room can feel uncomfortably hot and stuffy with high humidity in the room air, even at moderate temperatures. The unique Ururu Sarara unit reduces indoor humidity while maintaining an even room temperature. This feature prevents excessive cooling, which is particularly appreciated by people who are sensitive to cold. Optimal comfort with a reduced indoor temperature also means energy savings.
energy savings.

3. Ventilation

Unlike a conventional air conditioning unit, the Ururu Sarara system blows cool conditioned air into the room. Thanks to its remarkable ventilation capacity (32 m3 /h), the Ururu Sarara system is the very first residential heat pump system to be able to change the air in a room of more than 26 m2 in less than two hours. In addition, the intake air is at the desired temperature, without any heat loss.

4. Air purification

Improved indoor air quality with Daikin's Flash Streamer technology. The Ururu Sarara system purifies the incoming air. The air is filtered via
through a dust and pollen filter. The photocatalytic air purification filter then breaks down any odours, such as cigarette smoke and cooking smells. In the final stage, the Flash Streamer technology provides additional air treatment: it breaks down any remaining formaldehyde, viruses and moulds.

5. Minimum environmental impact A+++.

The heating and cooling efficiency of a heat pump is indicated as SCOP value (seasonal coefficient of performance) and
SEER value (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), respectively.

It has optimal energy efficiency, thanks to advanced energy-efficient technologies, such as a new swing compressor, a new fan integrated into the indoor unit, a new smaller diameter heat exchanger for more energy-efficient heat exchange, and a dual air intake.

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