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Chiller: Give the environment a gift

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Carveen is a company of more than 40 years in rental / sale / repair / maintenance and installation of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. This time, we are working on a new site with our team of certified and approved refrigeration specialists.

This work, which took place in mid-June 2021 in St. Stevens Woluwé, was the replacement of a chiller (industrial liquid cooler).

Under our advice following a maintenance we had carried out on this device, this company noticed that their industrial liquid cooler contained R22 gas.

The problem with R22 gas is this: R-22 is a chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) that was commonly used in air conditioners. However, it has been found that when this refrigerant is released into the air, chlorine escapes into the stratosphere, damaging the ozone layer. This degradation of the ozone layer causes a series of health and environmental problems. To put an end to this problem, the international community has drafted and ratified a law (European Regulation EC No. 2037/200 “CFC”) systematically prohibiting the use of R-22 as a refrigerant.

We were therefore responsible for replacing this equipment with a new one of good standards thanks to a new 72 kW chiller (liquid chiller with air-cooled scroll compressors CGAX) including R410a gas and one of its specificity is that if the fans are running at 100 PA, the sound power will be a maximum of 49 dBA, which is very appreciable.

This project lasted 2 days with 3 men for the installation of the device and 2 days for various connections as well as computer programming.

Here are some pictures of this replacement as well as of the new device


Dear reader, dear reader, if you have this kind of device in your company, do not hesitate to contact the person in charge in your company to make a check of the gas used and perhaps, like this company, to give this nice gift. to the environment.

So do not hesitate to give our contact details to your manager (or contact us if you are the manager)

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